CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- For as long as the Highland Creek housing development has been in existence, Harburn Farms Drive has ended in a dead end.

But now the Charlotte Department of Transportation is proposing to change that and extend the road to Ridge Road.

It is only a couple of hundred yards, but those who live on Harburn Farms worry that it will eventually be linked to Johnston-Oehler Road and become an access to I-485.

It would be an access road and it would bring two to 3,000 additional vehicles here. We have kids playing here every day, said Brian Puskarich, who lives near where the road now ends.

His neighbor, Debra Driggars agreed.

Everybody will cut through so I think it is a bad idea, Driggars said.

Linda Durrett, the spokesperson for CDOT, said it is only a proposal at this point and said it really is a matter of getting better access to the neighborhood.

It is really a response to the increased need for emergency response teams to have access to that neighborhood, such as fire, police and MEDIC, Durrett said.

Durrett invited area residents to share their views on the project at a meeting Tuesday night at the Highland Creek Elementary School.

The city will evaluate 11 suggestions and concerns considerately and respectfully, said Durrett.

But some who live on the road are skeptical of CDOT.

We are a little bit nervous about what they say and what they will do moving forward, said resident Vivian Berenstein.

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