CHARLOTTE, N.C. --About 100 members of the North Carolina Air National Guard have been activated for deployment from Charlotte Douglas-International Airport on Veterans Day.

I am so proud of him.Words escape me, said Steven Williams, whose son, Lieutenant Steven Williams, is one of the airmen being deployed.

His bags packed, the Williams family anxiously waited to send-off the Lieutenant.He'sa navigator with the North Carolina AirNational Guard. The family says this day has special meaning for them.
This day has special meaning for the Williams family. More than two decades ago, it wasWilliams' father who was returning from the Persian Gulf on Veterans Day.

23-years-ago he came home, and now I'm leaving, said Lieutenant Williams.

Lieutenant knows his Veterans Day deployment to Afghanistan comes with risks, but he said the reward is much greater.

What we're doing is for the good of the country and good for the guys over there, he said.

He and about 100 other airmen and woman are on their way to the Bagram Air Force base in Afghanistan. They're flying aboard a C-130 Hercules military cargo plane, and are ready to help move supplies and troops into dangerous areas.

We're going there to support the guys that have been there a lot longer, explained Williams

The men and women are expected to return in early January.

We all know the family needs support while he's away, and I will be here for our family, said Williams' father.

As the Guard told us this morning, they will be here for us also, he continued.

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