CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Sandwiched between this year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the second annual Small Business Saturday. Many of Charlotte's local shop owners say they're hoping for a boost in business.

Whether he's making a shot of espresso, or just a cup of joe, Jimmy Kleto, the owner of Central Coffee Company in Plaza Midwoodtakes pride in his work.

I've been in the coffee industry for about 8 or 9 years now. [I'm] constantly learning. [I'm always learning the craft, he said

As a small business owner Kleto says he also takes pride in knowing almost all of his customers personally.

Here we have such a great relationship with the customers. We know everybody on a first name basis. We know their families, he explained.

So when Jimmy heard about the second annual Small Business Saturday, he knew he wanted to participate.

I really liked the idea of it. I wanted to be a part of it and do my part I guess, said Kleto.

American Express is sponsoring the event. Already 2 million signed have liked their Facebook page, and Jimmy hopes some of them stop by his Central Coffee Company.

Just hoping that the folks in the community come out and support the local independent businesses, he said.

Whether it's buying a cup of coffee or purchasing a gift, the goal is to get people insidelocalstores, spending money and keeping it all within the Charlotte community.

Sherry Stone, the manager at Toys and Company, says Black Friday isn't normally a busy time for smaller, local stores.

We'll be a little slower on Friday, said Stone.

However, she says she thinks that will change the next day.

On Saturday, it's a much bigger day for us. People have got their mall shopping out of the way. and they've come to pick up their gifts for the little ones, explained Stone.

And perhaps, some of those people willhave a few minutes to grab a cup of coffee.

Come and get a cup of coffee Saturday morning. Come recharge and get ready for the rest of the weekend, said Kleto.

For more information on Small Business Saturday, you can visit their website at:!/SmallBusinessSaturday

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