CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Mark your calendars! It s just been announced that Burger King is coming out with new French fries later this month. To celebrate, they re giving away a free order of value sized fries on December 16! Check out the article I found online here.

Click here for more information on Free Fry Friday too!

Fancy Feast continues their days of holiday ornaments. Even if you re a dog person like I am, these ornaments are pretty darn cute. Go to the site here Thursday at 9 a.m. to be one of the 7,000 people per day to get the ornament. You ll also get a $10 store credit to Things Remembered if you want to engrave the ornament with your cat s name!

Carolina boy Scotty McCreery s song Walk in the Country is free over at the I Heart Radio website. You can download it on iTunes free too. It s a song that comes from his latest album Clear as Day.

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