SALISBURY, N.C. -- A horrible accident left a Salisbury teen in a coma hundreds of miles away from home, and now a local EMS crew is stepping up to help.

Paramedic Tamara Earnhardt and her team at the Rowan Rescue squad are gearing up for a 22-hour cross country trek to bring 19-year-old Vincent Anderson home to his family in Salisbury.

Anderson has been in a coma in a Texas hospital since last month when a car slammed into him while he was on his way to work.

His mom left the rest of the family, which includes four kids, to be at her son's bedside. Doctors have told her Vincent has a 50-50 chance of waking up.

It is something that we don t like to think about. Our own teenagers wrecking or having things like this in our family, Earnhardt said.

Earnhardt and three others have volunteered to make the trip.

For Earnhardt, it s a chance to pay it forward.

Earnhardt's own son was nine years old when he died of leukemia almost 15 years ago. She didn't work for the rescue squad then, but they brought her son home from Duke University hospital in Durham to die.

It was somebody who cared enough to give up their time and to be with us, Earnhardt said through her tears. That s what we re supposed to do. We re supposed to love each other and they need help.

Help that will soon be on its way.

The three-day trip will cost several thousand dollars.

The family lives modestly in a mobile home, but the paramedics have said they'll forgo their wages those three days if that's what it takes to cover the bill.

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