CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- They were caged, neglected and abused, but two English bulldogs rescued from a Stokes County puppy mill are now on their way home.

They just make you happy to look at, said Connie Hanckel, who is adopting the dogs from the Humane Society of Charlotte.

'Bubba' and 'Baby Doll' face a number of health issues, including serious hip problems. Many of the dogs rescued have had trouble eating. Their food was thrown at them, and never placed in a bowl.

So they weren t used to eating out of bowls, said Linda Edwards, who is coordinating the adoptions of the 34 dogs.

Many of the dogs spent days without food, unsure how to eat in their new environment. So far, about seven dogs have been permanently placed.

The Humane Society is looking for owners with patience. Vet Judi Vogt says the rescue dogs are for special families.

Those not expecting perfect dogs, she said.

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