WAXHAW, N.C. Robbin Nolan and her family put in a pool in their backyard last December, but when the spring rains came, a new pool formed at the base of their deck steps.

There s just mud everywhere says Robbin who was frustrated by sloppy, goopy, mess. It s just a mud bath, there is nowhere for the water to drain.

The problem was so bad that Robbin had to wear boots to get from the bottom of the deck over to the pool.

The standing water under the deck was attracting bugs and there was so much water around the landscaping, some of it died.

When the Nolans asked the pool company to come out and fix the drainage issue, Robbin says she was told it might cost extra. That's when she called the I-Team and we called the pool company.

Edgewater Pools in Ft. Mill, SC was the pool contractor and sent Newschannel 36 an email when we called inquiring why the problem wasn t fixed when Robbin complained.

Donnie Todd of Edgewater says They have been a very good customer of ours and we have appreciated them recommending our company to our future customers. We just had a simple disagreement on a minor drainage issue and it is being taken care of by us as a gesture of good will.

Last Saturday, the company followed through on their promise to fix the standing water. Workers added drains, a walking path, and reseeded the area.

I m just thrilled said Robbin, who can now swim without her boots.

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