CORNELIUS, N.C. -- The father of the man charged with murder in a Cornelius traffic fatality said the death stemmed from an argument over who had the best truck.

It was such a stupid argument that started it all, said Richard Kost of Winston-Salem.

Kevin Andrew Sweet of Cornelius died early Saturday when he was struck by a truck that police said was driven by Jacob Andrew Kost, 23, of Winston-Salem.

Police said the incident occurred just before 2 a.m. on Bethel Church Road near the intersection of Madison Manor Drive. But they did not give details of the incident.

On Sunday, Richard Kost said Jacob Kost told him, in a call from jail, that Jacob was being pursued by another truck before the accident.

Sweet s relatives did not respond to requests for comment.

Richard Kost said Jacob was visiting his mother in Cornelius when he decided to go out to a local nightclub with his friend, Jason Edward Shaw, 21, of Winston-Salem.

Shaw began to argue with a group of people at the club about who had the best truck, Richard Kost said. Shortly thereafter, the pair left and the other group followed them in their own truck, he said.

Jacob Kost told his father that the men in the other truck tried to run his vehicle off the road several times as he drove back to his mom s house in Cornelius, said Richard Kost.

From what I heard, there were skid marks back a mile or so, said Richard Kost. I think he was trying to just get away from them.

After the group ran him off the side, Jacob Kost tried to get back on the road but the other truck blocked him, said Richard Kost.

At one point, all six people got out of their vehicles on the roadside.

Jake managed to get his friend back in the truck, but they blocked their way again, said Richard Kost.

Jacob Kost said he swung widely to get around the other truck, according to Richard Kost.

One of the guys ran in front of the truck to stop him, and Jake hit him and then panicked and left, said Richard Kost.

Cornelius police officers arriving found Sweet unresponsive in the roadway. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Witnesses gave police a description of the suspect vehicle, which detectives found in a nearby neighborhood.

Richard Kost said police tested his son for his blood-alcohol level, but added that he did not have the results of that test.

Police charged Jacob Kost with murder, driving while impaired, felony hit and run and driving with a revoked license.

Shaw was charged with accessory to murder, police said.

Jake s a good kid. He s got a good conscience and good morals, said Richard Kost. He was in tears about what happened to the kid.

In the last several years, Jacob Kost has been found guilty of possessing stolen goods, possessing a Schedule II drug and possession of drug paraphernalia in Forsyth County, according to court records. In 2011, he was convicted of driving while impaired.

Staff researcher Brooke Cain contributed

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