CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Fighting homelessness in the Charlotte area was the topic at a conference with the United Way and partnering agencies Friday morning. Thanks to grant money, they're launching a new digital initiative.

Crisis Assistance ministry is just one of the organizations in Charlotte that helps the homeless and needy and is now very excited about this new collaborative effort.

When people are in crisis and facing homelessness or they are already homeless our community needs to know what the best places for them to go to receive help, said Crisis Assistance Ministry CEO, Carol Hardison.

An estimated 200 people show up for help with rent, utilities and other needs at Crisis Assistance Ministry every day. Some are short term fixes, while others need more long term help. Right now it's a challenge finding it for them.

Today the people in need and the people serving them, we all end up dialing each other and finding out, are you the right person, or do you have room in your inn, said Hardison.

But the United Way announced an exciting new Collaborative Initiative Friday morning thanks to $200,000 from Wells Fargo in grant money. They along with partnering agencies are creating a one stop shop digital system.

This process will help put all the providers we hope in the region that provide services, throughout this five county region, on a database that can then be shared, said United Way of the Carolinas Executive Director, Jane McIntyre.

For example, if a woman and her children need long term shelter, any of the other agencies like Crisis Assistance can see what's available at their fingertips versus someone in need being turned away.

They would not have to come to the door, just looking for help that may not be the help they need, they would find that support before they got there, said Deronda Metz with Salvation Army.

They expect consultants to be in Charlotte for about 10 months now helping them actually get the Collaborative Initiative launched and ready to put in action.

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