CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Travelers at Charlotte Douglas International Airport should soon notice faster Internet in terminals and energy-efficient lighting on the new airport entrance road, after City Council approved spending $400,000 on upgrades Monday.

Charlotte Douglas officials said they are upgrading the speed of the airport s free wireless network from 100 MB to 1,000 MB by year s end. The airport said demand for bandwidth from the multiplying number of wireless devices has increased since 2006, when Charlotte Douglas first started offering free wireless Internet.

As a result, there is often degradation of service or no Internet access for passengers, the airport said in a summary to the Charlotte City Council.

AT&T won a $190,022 contract to upgrade the airport s wireless capacity.

Also Monday, the City Council voted to install $211,000 worth of energy-efficient LED lighting along the airport s new entrance road, which is scheduled to be completed in fall 2014. The $18.2-million road will connect Wilkinson Boulevard and Josh Birmingham Parkway to the terminal.

The road will be lighted with 52 poles from Duke Energy, which will carry 140-watt LED bulbs. Normal city streets are lighted with 400-watt, high-pressure sodium fixtures. The airport said the LED lights use less electricity and put out white light, leading to better visibility.

Charlotte Douglas is owned by the city but is self-funded with revenue from concessions, parking and airline landing fees.

Monday, City Council also approved the airport s purchase of more than 19 acres, privately owned, in several parcels for almost $4.2 million. Most of the purchases are part of the airport s plan to acquire a 370-acre neighborhood south of Charlotte Douglas. The airport owns more than 6,000 acres.

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