LENOIR, N.C. -- The Caldwell County Sheriff's Office says they've arrested a meth cook.

On Tuesday, the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office Ice Unit visited the home of 34-year-old Kevin Ray Bumgarner acting on suspicion that he was manufacturing methamphetamine.

Bumgarner gave authorities consent to search his property. The search, authorities say, turned up remnants of a recent shake and bake -type meth lab, in the form of a clear liquid in a jar.

Officials say Bumgarner admitted he had cooked meth the night beforehand, then disposed of the rest of the lab by burning it.

A smoldering burn pile was located by authorities, and they say any further evidence was destroyed in that fire.

The liquid was seized from Bumgarner's home and will be sent to the NCSBI lab for analysis. If, authorities say, the liquid tests positive for meth and is more than 28 grams, Bumgarner may face an additional charge for trafficking, which officials say carries a mandatory prison sentence.

For now, Bumgarner is charged with one count of felonious manufacture methamphetamine. He was booked in to the Caldwell County Detention Center under a $100,000 bond.

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