TEGA CAY, S.C. -- The water company that provides service to Tega Cay has apologized to residents for a series of sewage leaks during Christmas week that totaled some 190,000 gallons.

Residents, though, say they don't accept the apology.

We don't want apologies. We want action, said Linda Stevenson, a leader of the Tega Cay Citizens Water Council, a group that has tried to focus attention on sewer problems and bring about some improvements.

There were six sewage spills in Tega Cay on Dec. 23 that totaled some 178,000 gallons.

On Dec. 29, there were three more spills that totaled another 12,000 gallons.

A quantity of raw sewage from the spills did flow down into Lake Wylie.

Tega Cay resident Joyce Clark watched the sewage overflow in the yard next to hers.

It just blows your mind how much -- I mean it blew the tops off of the manholes, she said.

In the letter of apology, Rick Durham of Utilities Inc. wrote, I know that everyone in the community is frustrated and angry that these problems have yet to be fully resolved.

Durham said the company is continuing to work to fix the problems.

Stevenson called that lip service.

This has been going on for years and they haven't done it, so we don't believe them, she said.

Stevenson and other neighbors met Wednesday afternoon to plan strategy for keeping pressure on the company during the new year.

I think 2014 will make a difference for us. What it will be, I'm not sure, Stevenson said.

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