CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Main roads in Charlotte are okay Friday, but neighborhood roads remain a challenge for drivers.

If at first you don't succeed...

I got stuck in my driveway, and I waited until about noon to leave my house thinking I would be able to get to work. And unfortunately I got stuck a second time, Tiffany Dickens told NBC Charlotte after finally getting a tow to work.

I thought if I got over the snow pile a little bit farther to my right, I could make it, and I didn t. My vehicle got stuck.

Her problem was the same for many this morning, while the main roads were plowed and pretty passable by mid-morning, neighborhood roads stayed snowy for much of the day.

NCDOT crews say the sunshine and warmer temperatures helped Friday, but they are working on about 1,000 routes in Mecklenburg County. Trucks went through 2,500 tons of salt and 50,000 gallons of brine by Thursday afternoon, and the mission isn t over. Personnel will continue to target secondary roads, as well as shoulders, ramps and turn lanes.

Tow truck driver Earl Davis knows the trouble better than anyone. This morning they thought the roads were clear, but it s the inside of neighborhoods wasn't clear and they saw that when they got halfway out the neighborhood. It s been unbelievable, over 60 to 70 calls, just nonstop, people just nonstop, wrenching out, people not understanding this is a serious situation but they got to get to work and get food.

Dylan Ellet found another way to do just that.

I drive a Honda, it s two-wheel drive. Watching the news, thought it might be best and a little bit more fun to just kind of bike where I need to be, and it s not as fun as I thought it would be.

It is a real hassle on Hassell Place in South Charlotte. It is a narrow street with no room for a plow and no place to push the snow. Neighbors who live along the street, like Neal Emmons, park their cars.

He says Hassel Place never fails to live up to its name.

You go to the cul-de-sac and you can't get up the hill, so you have got to park up here or you are going to be stuck for a few days.

In Uptown it was a different picture. North Church Street was closed down so big plows could clear the snow.

Rather than pile the snow on the sidewalks, front end loaders scooped up the snow and loaded it into waiting dump trucks. From there the trucks carried the loads of snow to the city Transportation Department yard where it was dumped.

One Uptown resident, Elsa McNamara said the snow would have melted anyway.

We spent a lot of city money for nothing, she complained.

But other Uptown neighbors applauded the Department of Transportation efforts.

It is an excellent job and I think because of what happened in Atlanta, they learned from that, said John Paul.

The city had 32 trucks with plows working, and brought in 15 outside contractors to help.

In total, the department has had 3,100 employees working around the clock statewide with 1,468 plows and spreaders, 300 graders and 549 contract trucks and graders. Since Monday, the department has spread 35,969 tons of salt and 13, 616 tons of salt-sand mix.

NCDOT says other counties like Anson, Cabarrus, Stanly and Union report good conditions on primary roads. Efforts continue there, as well.

Black ice remains a concern across the region.

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