HOUSTON -- PETA members gathered in downtown Houston Monday to create a floor-length gown made of fresh collard greens for Earth Day.

The organization used the display to spread a Go Green, Go Vegan message and passed out leaflets to curious onlookers.

This is a really fun and upbeat way to grab people s attention and pull them in, said Amanda Slyter, a campaigner for PETA. We re out here today to get people to thinking about where their food comes from, and the impact that it has on the environment.

Slyter said in order to be an environmentalist it s a great idea to go vegan.

Over 50 percent of global green house emissions are caused by raising animals for food; over 500,000 of our rivers and streams are polluted by factory farms, she said. (It) takes about 13 pounds of grain and almost 2,500 gallons of water just to make one pound of meat that s huge, all those resources could be given directly to people.

For people who find it hard to sacrifice a diet of meat simply for the planet s health, Slyter, a vegan for eight years, suggests considering your personal health too.

The impacts that being vegetarian, being vegan has on your diet are tremendous, the top diseases that plague our country can be completely reversed, or greatly reduced by eating vegan, she said.

All in all, she said she hopes people will try veganism to help the environment, improve their health and help animals.

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