GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Kids love playing with balloons.

So what kid wouldn't love the chance to send a message up in the air on the last day of school? Seth who's a second grader at Gray Road Christian School in Indianapolis, Indiana did just that. On Friday, the students released the balloons on the last day of school.

Note from Seth attached to the balloon found in Coleridge, NC(Photo: Sandra Brady)

They sent a note with each balloon asking the person who discovered it to return the card attached to it in the mail. The students wanted to find out how far the balloons traveled. Seth's balloon traveled 384 miles all in one day from Indianapolis, Indiana right into the hands of Sandra Brady's husband who found it in Coleridge, North Carolina.

Meteorologist Grant Gilmore said it all made perfect sense that's because the jet stream was aligned from NW to SE on Friday. He also said wind speeds in the jet stream between the areas were around 100 mph.

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