CHARLOTTE, N C. -- Jury selection began Tuesday in the trial of Kenan Gay.

The former law school student is accused of pushing Robert Kingston into traffic after a bar fight in Dilworth in March 2012. Kingston was struck by a car and died.

Gay's family came to court to strongly support the former UNC wide receiver. He s going on trial for second-degree murder for allegedly killing the 28-year-old.


The two men got into a fight at Ed s Tavern. What this jury will determine is what happened after both men stepped outside. Prosecutors say that Gay threw Kingston out into oncoming traffic and a car struck and killed him.

Gay s attorneys are expected to argue that Kingston was drunk and was harassing Gay's girlfriend, and that he stumbled out into the road and was not pushed.

Jury selection got underway with attorneys from both sides asking potential jurors if they have had any experience with bar fights.

Both men were apparently drinking alcohol and judgment could play a huge role in this trial.
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