CAMDEN, S.C. -- Crews are working to clean up a spill of chicken by-products on a road in Camden.

The spill happened Thursday afternoon along a 12 block stretch of DeKalb Street.

Camden Police Chief Joe Floyd says a truck from Valley Protein was carrying the material down the road when the material began to leak out. Floyd said there were three separate leaks along the affected roadway.

The truck was covered to prevent this from happening, but the chief says it appears the material heated and expanded since it was loaded up on Wednesday, causing the by-product to spill out of the top of the container.

The driver or the truck has been ticketed for spilling load on the highway, which carries a $240 fine. The company will be responsible for the price of the clean-up.

A spokesperson for the Department of Environmental Control says the agency observed the clean-up to make sure the waste was properly disposed of.

He adds there were no complaints involving Valley Protein in the past year.
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