CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Three more people face chargesin connection with a recent fight at a high school basketball game.

Ernest Owens was arrested after a fight at East Mecklenburg High school at the end of a game against Butler High School Friday night.

Owens got into a fight with a school resource officer and his daughter and wife joined the brawl.

On Tuesday, 16-year-old Dyshay Aliyatt Kilpatrick and 38-year-old Tonja Lejun Kilpatrick were also arrested on charges of assault on a government official and disorderly conduct.

Early Wednesday morning32-year-old Richard Leu was arrested on charges of assault of a government official and resisting public officer.

Owens says his daughter, Butler star basketball player Aliyah Kilpatrick, had permission from the East Meck principal to go to the other side of the gym and say hi to a former coach.

Kilpatrick transferred from East Meck to Butler this year.

Owens says police apparently thought his daughter stayed on the East Meck side too long.

We asked CMS if the principal made people sit on opposite sides, but gave Kilpatrick permission to visit that coach.They said no comment.

In the exclusive video posted on, you can see Kilpatrick join the fight. She's the one in all red - and apparently slapping an officer in the head.

Owens says his daughter just reacted to him being in a fight.

Now, she's suspended from Butler and the basketball team for at least ten days.

Owens is charged with assaulting a police officer and disorderly conduct.

By phone Monday, Owens says he was wrong.

He says a combination of some hard feelings for his daughter s old school, plus the apparent permission his daughter had to be on the other side of the gym and resulting confrontation just boiled over.

Students say Owens was wrong too.

It's ridiculous that parents do that. You'd expect it from students, but if the parents are going to do it they don't need to go to the games, said student Tiffany Freeman.

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