CHARLOTTE, N.C. --Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers will start carrying safer Tasers today after the weapon was suspended following the death of a 21-year-old man in July.

The Charlotte City Council voted to spend $1.83 million for 1,600 Taser X2 stun guns. Police say the new Tasers have safety features to prevent officers from possibly injuring or killing suspects.

CMPD replaced the X26 Taser with the Taser X2 and police will start using the new model today, according to the CMPD.

In July, an officer used a Taser gun on Lareko Williams, 21, near the CATS Lynx Blue Line station at Woodlawn Road after he was seen choking a woman.

Williams tried to run from police but an officer deployed his Taser on him during the chase. Williams died later that day at Carolinas Medical Center.

After Williams' death, CMPD released a statement saying all Tasers were collected from officers and personally inspected to make sure they were working properly.

Police later said they had finished an internal review on Taser use but that officers would not carry the devices until a second, outside review was completed.

The Taser X2 has a five second limit on each electric charge, a function that makes the device more safe. The new Taser can also trigger an audible warning that may convince suspects to comply without evening firing the weapon, according to police.
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