CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Despite the recently chilled down temperatures in Charlotte, Caitlyn Boyle hits the pool religiously, twice a week at the Charlotte Aquatic Center.

Swimming is great exercise while pregnant, beamed Boyle.

Boyle is clad in a black swimsuit and a clearly visible baby bump.

But staying motivated in the winter can be tough if it weren t for the app installed on her iPhone called Gym-Pact.

The application, developed by a Harvard graduate, allows users to stake money for each gym work out. GPS technology locates the user, and upon arrival at the gym or pool, the Gym-Pact member checks in on the phone.

As soon as the workout of at least 30 minutes is over, click a button to check out, and the app recognizes your workout.

I stake twice a week for $5, said Boyle.

Sure, users could always drive to the gym, check in on the app, read a book, and check out, but Caitlyn believes it would take too much effort.

So far, Caitlyn hasn t missed a workout, meaning she hasn t lost any money from her stake.

All the money from other users who skipped their workouts goes into a pool and then gets distributed to users like Caitlin who reach their goals.

In the last three weeks, I ve made $10 which is one-fourth of the cost of my gym membership [for the month] so I m actually using Gym-Pact to pay fees associated with working out, Boyle added.

According to the app s website, a study was conducted and about 90 percent of users reach their goals when money is at stake.

To learn more about the free app and how to download it, check out

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