CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- More disturbing information came out Thursday about UNC Charlotte s online security breach, where hundreds of thousands of social security numbers were compromised. Now, university officials say they know how the exposure happened.

You get scared because your information might be stolen, like credit card number maybe. It's really scary, said a UNCC student.

Students and staff were told in February that some 350,000 of them could have had their social security numbers and financial information exposed on the internet.

I'm a blank slate and that would really suck for me if my information got out, said another student.

Since then, university officials said there had been an ongoing investigation, and they found out how the exposure happened.

It happened during an upgrade of some of our IT systems. We were upgrading a server and through human error there was a misconfiguration in the setting up of that server, said UNCC spokesman, Stephen Ward.

During that investigation they uncovered that the College of Engineering's server had been exposed for nearly a decade.

We wanted to try and get our arms around the scope as best we could and was there evidence pointing to the use of that data or access gained to that data, said Ward.

The school asked students and staff to check their information. As of now there's no evidence of any related incidents, but students aren't taking any chances.

I have online banking so I check constantly really, said one student.

Some who weren't conscience of their accounts before, said they're staying more on top of it now.

It makes me a little more conscience to keep track of everything cause you never know now. In the digital world, anything can happen.

University officials said they have questions and answers posted on their website as well as a phone number for any students concerned their information was exposed.

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