New Moon Farm Goat Rescue and Sanctuary in Arlington, Wash. recently took in a teeny tiny baby, a Nigerian dwarf buckling now named Tatonka or Tonka.

Ellen Felsenthal of NMF says Tonka was one of a set of quadruplets. When the owner saw how bent his legs were, she set him aside, assuming he wouldn't survive the night. When she found him still alive in the morning, she contacted NMF.

(NMF is of the opinion that if you don't have time to deal with less than perfect outcomes, perhaps breeding animals isn't the best idea, but that s another story for another day.)

Tonka's front legs didn t straighten out completely - the tendons on the back of his legs were too tight. His hind legs were the opposite - stretched out straight behind, and hard to flex.

But a veterinarian took a look at Tonka and felt that with some physical therapy the little goat s legs could be straightened out.

Ellen says when he arrived on May 17, Tonka couldn't stand without assistance. [WATCH video] But within days, his legs were starting to stretch and he was becoming more stable. His hind legs had improved enough that he was actually standing on his feet (instead of the fronts of his fetlocks).

And NMF says yesterday Tonka had his first spontaneous baby BOING!

He barely lifted off the ground, but it was definitely an attempt at jumping. Then, he started 'grazing.' Not really eating anything, but chewing and licking at the grass - figuring it out.

NMF says the little guy has improved dramatically and he s not only walking, his balance and stamina are improving and he can turn his head to look around without falling over. And if he does fall over, he can get right back up.

You can follow Tonka s progress by visiting

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