WADESBORO, N.C. -- Authorities have arrested 10 people and shut down a nightclub they say has been operating illegally in Anson County.

Npressions, located in the 300 block of East Caswell Street in Wadesboro, was raided by North Carolina DPS alcohol enforcement officers and the Wadesboro Police Department.

Authorities say this is the second time the club has been raided for operating without the required alcohol permits.

In total, 268 liters of malt beverages, liquor and wine, along with a small amount of marijuana, $225 in cash, a gun, several TV sets and digital audio and video equipment were seized from the business.

Ten people were arrested in the operation, including the club's bartender, 35-year-old Bernea Ennea Ford, and the club's owner, 39-year-old Jefferson Andre Rivers.

Ford is charged with two counts of selling alcohol without ABCpermits.

Rivers is charged with three counts of possession of alcohol for sale without an ABCpermit, three counts of allowing the possession or consumption of spirituous liquors on premises not authorized and two counts of maintaining a business that was resorted to by persons using marijuana.

Additionally, two people were arrested on warrants, and the remaining six were cited and released on either alcohol, gun or drug charges, according to the DPS.

The investigation is ongoing, and charges are pending, officials say.

The Anson County Sheriff's Office and a dog handler from Adult Corrections assisted in the warrant service.

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