ROCKHILL, S.C. -- Rock Hill Police say they arrested a man selling crack cocaine from his occupied baby stroller near a park on Monday night.

Authorities say a tipster led them to State Street, near Armory Park, where the officer on patrol spotted 38-year-old Charles Bernard Rhinehart standing in front of a house around 9 o'clock.

The tipster told police Rhinehart was carrying a gun, and was was using the baby stroller to house the crack cocaine he was selling; his infant son was also inside the stroller, according to police.

The patrol officer observed Rhinehart push the stroller up the street. Then, Rhinehart, who was wanted by York County's multijurisdictional drug enforcement unit, was then arrested and the baby stroller searched.

Inside the stroller, the officer reported finding a crack rock wrapped up in brown paper lying underneath his cellphone on the push bar of the stroller. Additionally, the report states there was freshly crushed crack cocaine sprinkled on the ground near where Rhinehart was arrested.

Rhinehart's infant son was released to his mother.

Rhinehart was booked in to the York County Jail under a $6000 bond, charged with possession of crack cocaine.

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