CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Mecklenburg County Health Inspections for week of October 9 through 15. Date of inspection indicated.

Top 3
Grade 100
2933 Eastway Drive
Date of Inspection: October10

Melting Pot
Grade 99.5
901 S. Kings Drive
Date of Inspection: October 15

Grade 99.5
4435 The Plaza
Date of Inspection: October 14

Bottom 3
Spice Cafe
Grade 83
230 E. WTHarris Blvd.
Infractions include: Rotted apple and browned lettuce and vegetable in prep cooler.
Date of Inspection: October 11

Passage to India, Indian Cuisine
Grade 84.5
9510 University City Blvd.
Infractions include: Employee observed washing hands and then wiping them on a used linen cloth hanging near the door.
Date of Inspection: October 15

Plaza Neighborhood BPFood Express
Grade 86.5
6307-A The Plaza
Infractions include: Observed employee enter into food preparation area and begin working without washing hands.
Date of Inspection: October 9

Persis Indian Grill
Grade 94
3130 Driwood Ct. Suite B.
Date of Inspection: October 9

Earp's Express #3
Grade 100
7020 Brighton Park Dr.
Date of Inspection: Oct. 14

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