CHARLOTTE, N.C. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have yet to say how an 82-year-old south Charlotte woman was killed.

Police went door to door Wednesday in the Carmel South community. Now neighbors are feeling uneasy about their own security.

It is unnerving because my parents live here and this is more of an elderly community, and I know it s really unnerving for them, said neighbor Warren Turnipse.

Neighbors in the Carmel South community are feeling uneasy while police are being tight-lipped about how Ines Feldman was killed in her home.

Her son, who lives a few homes down, found her Tuesday morning.

The concern for me is, is this a home invasion? Was it a random act or was it part of a domestic related? And I think that's an important piece to find out cause there's a big difference, said Turnipse.

Police did say the assault involved a deadly weapon, which neighbor Robert Morgan says is shocking to hear about the retired school teacher.

It's terrible; she was a nice lady. I mean she was a perfect lady, said Morgan.

Police went door to door starting Wednesday morning, giving neighbors like Morgan tips on keeping themselves safe in their home.

They did a fine job this morning; they came through here and they come in and told me how to improve my protection, and it was a super job, said Morgan.

Even with some small security changes, Morgan says this has made him decide to install extra security to feel safer at home.

There's never been a crime here; I don't think we've ever had a burglary, and I'm thinking about buying an alarm system

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