MARSHVILLE, N.C. -- Authorities in Union County arrested a man they say stole a police uniform, taser and handcuffs and walked into a bar posing as an officer.

Christopher Melton, of Marshville, is charged with impersonating a law enforcement official, possession of a weapon in a bar and possession of stolen property.

Marshville Police say Melton broke into a Red Springs police patrol unit and stole a uniform, taser and a set of handcuffs in late April.

Roughly a week later, authorities say Melton, head-to-toe in police garb, entered Shooters' Bar & Grill, identifying himself as an officer with the State Bureau of Investigation. Police say Melton stated he was going to check the restaurant to ensure they were operating properly.

Employees of the business forced Melton to leave the building, as it's unlawful to carry a firearm inside an establishment that serves alcoholic beverages.

Red Springs Police reached out to the State Bureau of Investigation in regards to the incident, leading them to Red Springs and their report of the stolen police gear.

Melton, who authorities say is a regular at the bar, is also a local business owner, and recently applied to work in law enforcement.

Melton turned himself in to the Union County Jail on Friday.

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