CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Remember Chia Pets?

You don't see too many people growing them these days, but health nuts have a growing love for the Chia seeds.

Amber Smith is the manager at Healthy Home Market in South End, and she said, It is our number three selling vitamin item right now.

She says their customers sprinkle it in salads and smoothies. They also drink them.

We sell them packaged, we have them already ground up, and we also sell them in bulk. We also have something called Mama Chia which is a juice, Smith said.

So what s all the buzz about?

It's a small, tasteless, crunchy seed and when you put them in water they expand so a lot of people eat them to feel fuller.

This is about a tablespoon and it s only like 50 to 70 calories, so it's not a lot of calories, said Registered Dietitian Lauren Hatcher of LiveWELL Carolinas.

They're also full of nutrients.

They're rich in fiber, rich in omega-3, and promoted for weight loss, explained Hatcher.

As for using Chia seeds to lose weight she said, What the studies show is that even taking a large amount of Chia per day, twice this much, does not confer a weight loss benefit.

She also points out that if feeling fuller is the goal, it could really help.

Chia seeds are a fun unique thing to add to your food, but what s really going to help you with that weigh loss is balancing that plate.

Remember, it's always a good idea to check with your doctor before trying anything new with your diet.

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