SOUTHWEST MECKLENBURG, N.C. --Police said a 15-year-old boy killed his father and step-mother early Monday morning in Pineville, but they aren t releasing a motive.

Investigators said the teen called 911 twice after the murders. The first time was to ask police to check on his family on Buxton Drive. The second time was to say he shot them and he would wait on a street corner for police to pick him up.

The victims have been identified as 43-year-old Christian Hans Liewald and his wife, 24-year-old Cassie Megan Buckaloo.

Police aren t releasing the teen s name because he is a juvenile.

Monday evening, members of the Morningstar United Methodist Church gathered to pray for their fellow parishioners. The family of three started attending the church approximately six months ago.

Just loving, kind people, all three of them, said Rev. Mary Brown. Brown said she saw all three family members the day before in church. She said nothing seemed unusual.

Neighbors said Liewald and Buckaloo married about two years ago and that Buckaloo had moved out but recently moved back in.

At first, neighbors thought the gunfire was fireworks.

I was concerned and I wanted to know what was going on, said neighbor Amy Taylor.

Taylor and other neighbors that gathered near the crime scene said they're surprised the teenager committed such a violent act.

What drove him to it? What made him do it? What was going through that young man s head? asked neighbor Phyllis Kirby.

Something had to push the kid to do this, because he's a really great kid, said neighbor Gregory Hicks.

Hicks said Liewald shot him two years ago when Liewald was intoxicated and Hicks was just walking up to the house.

I didn t even realize I d been shot. I touched my chest and smoke rolled out from under my shirt, Hicks said.

NewsChannel 36 didn t find an arrest or charges.

Other neighbors said Liewald upset them by carrying a gun in the neighborhood and videotaping neighborhood activity.

It was weird. Everybody in the neighborhood got mad about it, said neighbor Jack Kirby. He told the neighbors he had cameras all over his house, in his house and in his yard.

Neighborhood kids said they used to go to school with the 15-year-old, but that ended about two years ago. Some said they thought he moved away.

He was into military stuff, guns and cars, a neighborhood kid said about the teen.

We haven t really seen him since 7th grade, another neighborhood kid said.

Liewald s website said he is the administrator of an alternative school with one student who is 15 years old. His Facebook page lists Zoar United Methodist Church as his employer where he is the church s webmaster.

Neighbors said Liewald met Cassie Buckaloo through a friend and the two married despite a 19 year age difference. Her Facebook page lists her employers as GE and State Farm.

The step-son and her were like best friends, said a neighbor who didn t want to be identified.

That same neighbor said the family had a lot of problems, but wouldn t go into details.

Two lives were taken and another life was destroyed, Phyllis Kirby said. We re all in shock because we all have children. We all have grandchildren.

Authorities have also charged the teen with armed robbery and attempted auto theft. By North Carolina law police have not released the teen's name due to the fact he is a juvenile.

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