CHARLOTTE, N.C. NBC Charlotte s Bill McGinty received an email from Helen saying she was having a problem with her AT&T cell phone bill.

Helen says she cancelled her contract in March, a few months after the contract was up. But, to her surprise, Helen was charged a $140 termination fee. Thinking it was a mistake, Helen went to the store and talked with several people, but felt like she was getting the run-around, which is why she decided to get McGinty.

Bill reached out to AT&T to try to help with Helen s bill. After all, she is 80 and lives on a fixed income, and $140 is a lot of money.

AT&T responded saying the company removed this termination fee and AT&T was happy to work with Helen on this matter, and we value her business with us. Providing first class customer service is AT&T s goal in every instance.

If you have a problem like this, try to resolve it first at the store level. If you re not satisfied, take it to customer service, and if they can t help you, contact me. But please, document everything. You can also file a consumer complaint at the Better Business Bureau by going to

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