Amsterdam is taking a new approach to spring cleaning; a partially government-funded program is paying people with beer and lunch in exchange for cleaning up the city.

It s 9 a.m. on the east side of Amsterdam, and Fred Schiphorst has just arrived at work. He, like all of his co-workers, is an alcoholic. The beers might as well be their morning coffee.

The first beer, I'm shaking, when I one or two beer, it's over.

The men are part of an unusual social project.

A partially government-funded program to pay alcoholics to pick up litter... with beer-- five beers in total: two in the morning, two at lunch, and one at the end of their shift; that, along with a half a pack of rolling tobacco, about $13 and a hot lunch.

The goal is to get them off the streets where they drink all day, and to get them into a daily routine.

Project leader Jeanette Van der Noord explains, It gives them something to do, It s a reason to get up, they have contact, fellowship. And, they're not drunk here; they only get five beers, which they need to feel not ill.

To understand how a program like this gets started here, you have to understand Amsterdam as a whole. It's a culture with almost no taboos, a place where everything is out in the open.

From legal sex for sale in the Red Light District, to legal marijuana at the coffee shops; the people of Amsterdam have little to hide. Even their home windows are rarely curtained.

Their problems are up for discussion.

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