CHARLOTTE, N.C.-- Within hours of the announcement that Charlotte had landed the 2012 DNC, word came from uptown hotels offering deals for the convention, just showing the convention equals big bucks.

The Democratic National Convention is expected to bring thousands of people to the city and as much as $200 million. Some say the spotlight being cast on Charlotte is bigger than the super bowl.

Lots of business, money, work hours. We'll be tired but it'll be worth it, says Jim Colwell from Howl at the Moon.

Colwell is a manager there and learned the news from an e-mail.

The bar will add staff and promote new shows.

Colwell says he's revved up and seeing green. Our players will go bonkers to play to delegates while they're partying in town and having a good time.

Caty Riggins works downstairs at BlackFinn and says, we're so excited.

She's going to school and working part time to pay the bills.

She says the boom will mean bucks to her.

Helps out with everything, helps out with school, says Riggins.

Hotels are already making plans also.

The Ritz-Carlton even has a package good anytime from now until the convention.

It's making Vida Cantina waiter Matthew Winder giddy.

Just more attention to the city. Good for hotels, restaurants and good for our business here at Vida, says Winder.

Good for a lot of people... it's why members of the local Democratic party celebrated at Black Finn Tuesday night.

Economic boom! Can you deliver? Yes we can like Obama said 'yes we can!' Douglas Wilson with the NC Democratic Party.

The convention may be more than a year-and-a-half away, but people in uptown are really excited, and hopeful.

The general manager from Howl at the Moon tells NewChannel 36 Hey, maybe Obama will come here. If he does, we can show him a good time.

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