CATAWBA COUNTY, N.C. -- Elisa Baker s aunt says that if Elisa is going to be charged in the death of Zahra Baker then Zahra's father, Adam Baker should be charged too.

Concetta Winkler spoke one day after Elisa was indicted by a grand jury on a second-degree murder charge in connection with the death of 10-year-old Zahra Baker.

Adam was not charged and investigators say the only credible evidence led them to believe that Elisa acted alone.

Winkler, who has visited Elisa at the Catawba County Jail has said that Elisa told her Zahra died of natural causes and that Adam dismembered the body.

I don't believe he should get out of this, Winkler said from the door of her Hickory apartment. I feel like he is just as guilty as she is, she added.

Winkler was at the doctor's office yesterday and didn't hear about the indictment until she returned home around dinner time.

It was on the news and that was all I heard all evening. I had to just turn it off, Winkler said.

In Hickory it seemed that a lot of people couldn't get enough of the newest twist in the story of the little freckle-faced girl that the town has been grieving for since she vanished in October of last year.

Elisa has been in jail on a charge of writing a fake ransom note to throw off an early police investigation, but until now, no one had been charged in Zahra s death.

Portions of her body were found in various wooded locations. Elisa led police to those areas once she began cooperating with the investigation.

Cell phone records showed that Elisa s cell phone had been at locations where the skeletal remains were found but there was no record of Adam s phone being in those areas.

After grabbing the last newspaper from a box near the center of town, Hickory resident Eleanor Byrd says she still had doubts about Adam Baker.

If he didn't do it he seems to have known about it, she said.

A Hickory business owner, Sam Glaberman said there are still too many unanswered questions about the death of Zahra Baker.

No, I don't think we know the whole story yet, he said.

Calls to the attorneys representing Adam and Elisa were not returned.

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