TROUTMAN, N.C. -- Kyle Busch's neighbors aren't happy.

News of the NASCAR driver's excessive speeding charges has spread and mothers in the area are worried about what could have happened to their children.

The road Busch was tagged on is the same road that leads to three area schools.

Police say Busch was going 128 mph in a 45 mph zone Tuesday afternoon on Perth Road.

I was very upset when I found it was the exact same time I leave to get my kids, said Heidi Desmarais.

Neighbor Kim Shaw said, We go 45, 55 at most. So to go 128 mph, I just can't imagine going that fast with someone else in your car.

Busch's wife was reportedly in the Lexus sports car with him. Busch told the officer who clocked him on radar that the car was just a toy.

Busch, who is set to race on Sunday, was allowed to go with just a citation and a court date.

I think I'd probably be arrested if I was going that fast, said Desmarais.

Iredell County's sheriff is taking some heat, responding to upset residents on his Facebook page, saying,
When a person is stopped for speeding and reckless driving it is the officer's discretion if the person is issued a citation to appear in court or is taken to the jail for processing.

Shaw says the fact that Busch is a professional driver just makes it worse.

I think that makes it worse because he's such a role model. To see him go this fast, what kind of message is that sending? she said. You save your speed for the racetrack. Not on a residential street.

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