CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- September is Hunger Action month and starting Friday you can help fight senior hunger in Charlotte.

Approximately one in nine seniors suffers from hunger and it s really a silent epidemic that affects millions of our loved ones every year, said Karen Holland with Comfort Keepers.

Comfort Keepers partnered up with Second Harvest Food Bank for their stop senior hunger campaign. Everyone can help with a simple drop in a barrel placed at all of Charlotte's YMCA s
as well as other senior centers.

Any non perishable items canned goods, anything that they feel can help, Holland added.

The latest census bureau reports show the senior poverty level at nine percent. Many of them are having to choose basic healthcare over food.

A lot of people don't even think about the elderly in conjunction with that because a lot of them are using their money for medication or doctors appointments or other things. They're going without food so we want to increase that awareness.

Comfort Keepers says the goal is to keep seniors independent so they can keep themselves nourished and healthy.

Nutrition is a keep component so they can maintain not only a healthy but independent lifestyle so they can stay in their home, Holland said.

The campaign officially kicks off next Wednesday at the Harris YMCA and runs through October 15. Last year, the push raised 25,000 pounds of food nationwide. Organizers are hoping to double that amount this year.

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