CLOVER, S.C. -- It's been a rough week in Clover as word of hazing among the high school s football players first came to light then spread like wildfire. Early on school officials spoke of what they call a culture of hazing, claiming it has been going on for years.

What we ve heard from juniors and has been going on for awhile, said school Superintendent Dr. Marc Sosne.

Late Wednesday afternoon NewsChannel 36 learned the district has closed its own investigation and concluded there is no evidence of past hazing.

NewsChannel 36 spoke to the Eagles former head coach, Jet Turner. He was at Clover for eight years before leaving to coach at a private school this year.

During my eight years at Clover I never knew of any type of hazing activities, nor would I have tolerated them on the football team, Turner said.

He said he was so upset, he d spent the week getting in touch with kids who used to play for him and are now in college.

I have talked to both former players and coaches and none can remember any such incidents, he said. I wish Clover High School and the community the best of luck moving forward.

Thirteen players were suspended from school and ten were kicked off the team permanently. We re told that s because the ten participated and the other three watched but did not do anything to stop the hazing.

Late Wednesday afternoon we also learned the junior varsity players will now play on the varsity team because there are so many open positions. The rest of the JV season is cancelled. The ninth grade team remains intact and will complete its season as scheduled.

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