LINCOLNTON, N.C. Police arrested and charged a man for murder in the death of a Lincolnton woman late Thursday morning.

Matthew Broome was charged with the murder of his girlfriend, Lynsette Latusek, according to Lincolnton police.

Latusek s father had found her unresponsive inside her home on West Sycamore Street on Wednesday morning. He called for emergency assistance.

Upon arrival, EMS personnel and police officers found Latusek lying dead on a sofa. There was no immediate indication from the residence to suggest how the victim died and investigators were called to the scene to assist.

The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations was contacted to assist with the investigation.

After interviewing and receiving statements from Broome about the death, he was charged with first degree murder and placed in the Lincoln County Jail with no bond.

Authorities have not stated a motive for the murder.

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