CONCORD, N.C. -- The big rigs of Terminal Trucking pulled into company headquarters Wednesday just off Route 49 in Concord, but they pulled in and parked in the lot probably for the last time.

Founded in 1943, Terminal Trucking is closing its doors another victim of the economy.

The current company president, who did not give his name, said the bank had called in its note after the company failed to make timely payments.

The closing means some 90 to 95 Concord area residents will be without jobs.

Terminal operates facilities in Knoxville and Atlanta, and the total number of layoffs will be about 150.

I don't need to be losing my job no time soon. I don't know what happened, said driver Tracy Montgomery.

As so often happens, word of the company closing comes just as the holiday season is getting into full swing.

Perry Lammons has been a driver at Terminal for 20 years.

Life goes on. It's going to go on, so I'm not going to boo hoo about it, he said.

Gene Isenhour worked with his father, who founded Terminal in Concord back in the 1940's. They sold to new owners four years ago.

About broken hearted, he said as he stopped by to say some final goodbyes. I've known lot of these guys 35, 40 years.

Asked what he is telling his friends, he said, Sorry. Not my fault.

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