CHARLOTTE, N.C. --A 9-year-old Bichon Frise is recovering after its owner said it was attacked by a coyote just outside the home's garage off of Chadmore South Drive in the Sardis Forest neighborhood of south Charlotte.

The dog underwent surgery Monday afternoon. It was the dog's third visit to a veterinarian since the attack on Friday.

He was screaming and curled up in a little ball, said Gloria Vaca, owner of the Bichon Frise, named Paco. She said Paco is currently on Morphine and two other pain killers.

Vaca said she was taking Paco and her labradoodle, Sancho, out to use the bathroom and the coyote attacked before they barely made it out of the garage door.

It happened in a second, said Vaca.

She said the coyote wrapped its mouth around the side of her dog, leaving teeth marks and deep wounds. She said her labradoodle barked and cried, eventually scaring off the coyote.

This attack was just the latest in a string of coyote attacks that have been reported in south Charlotte. In October, there were several attacks near the Cameron Wood subdivision. After a number of sightings, local & state authorities met with neighbors to reassure them the coyotes were spotted often.

Vaca said she feels helpless and that she doesn't feel safe letting her grandchildren into the backyard.

If everybody knows it's a problem, there should be some effort, she said.

State and local officials said they'll capture coyotes only if there's evidence that they might be rabid. Neighbors are advised to hire professional trappers if they're concerned about coyotes in their neighborhoods.

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