CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- In the dark you could see those who walked the street Monday night, even as the temperature dropped in Charlotte.

Ron McCall knows what it's like to be homeless and trying to find a place to sleep. Sleep up under a bridge or somewhere I can feel comfortable, he said.

But Monday night McCall would be warm. He was one of the hundreds of men who are spending the night in Charlotte's Men's Shelter.

With me, I am a diabetic and it is hard to get around. The cold makes my body feel numb, McCall said.

As the sun went down - and the temperature with it - the shelter was expecting a record number of men seeking warmth.

Our biggest number so far, actually ever, was in November - 683 in one night, said the shelter's associate executive director, Trish Hobson.

On an average night the number is about 589 men and even that number is higher than last year as the economy continues to drive more people to the streets.

At the shelter, all will be welcomed, no matter how many show up.

We move everything that you see in the shelter. We move it and put mats down and get men in. We don't turn anybody away, Hobson said.

David Moore was also in off the street, at least for the night.

It is a beautiful place. Can't be no nicer and thank God we have people like you to help people who can't help themselves, he said.

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