KANNAPOLIS, N.C. -- Josh Courtney is proudly serving our country in the Air Force. He is stationed in Italy and came home to see his Grandma Pearl in September.

He stayed just 12 days and re-activated his AT&T cell phone plan while he was home, but after he left, shell shock arrived in the form of a bill for just over $600.

Josh s grandmother says he has unlimited text and long distance calling and only activates his phone out of military suspension when home.

But on this bill, he was charged over $300 for a contract disconnect. Phone calls to stores and customer service grew frustrating because the customer service representatives told his grandmother they can t discuss the bill with her because she isn t Josh.

Oddly though, Grandma Pearl has power of attorney for Josh while he is away.

And I took it into the store, but they wouldn t have anything to do with me, grandmother Pearl Courtney said. I said, He s in Italy, what do you want me to do?

AT&T responded quickly with a statement.

AT&T regrets if Joshua Davis Courtney and his family have been inconvenienced. We are committed to supporting our military serving at home and abroad and are reviewing Mr. Courtney s account to ensure it is handled appropriately.

A customer service team is now reviewing the account and the seemingly outrageous bill at the request of the NewsChannel 36 I-Team. It ll be a few days before we know the ending to the situation.

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