CHARLOTTE, N.C. - William Vidal had never been in trouble with the law. He had always held down a job, and he considers himself a good citizen.

His world turned upside down, though, when he was arrested on burglary and damage to property charges on December 14, 2008.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer David Jones investigated the case. Jones is the same officer who is currently under investigation for allegedly assaulting a man in Matthews last December.

CMPD also announced Jones has been cited for termination after the Independent Chain of Command Review Board examined the investigation into the Matthews incident.

Vidal says Jones got his arrest wrong.

I was at work, said Vidal, who claims he was on the job while a burglary was being committed on Albemarle Road.

During the arrest Vidal says Jones made it clear that the officer did not like Vidal.

He kept cursing at me. He said I told you I was going to get you. I told you I was going to get you, said Vidal.

He says he was falsely accused and the charges against him were eventually dropped. The 32-year-old man says the damage was already done, though.

I haven t had a real job since 2008 because this is on my record. I just lost a great job I would have had because this popped up on my record, said Vidal.

Vidal accused Jones of harassing him and his friends in the Farm Pond area and says things got ugly when he let the officer know that he didn t appreciate being asked for an I.D. every time Jones came around.

It went to that point when he arrested a kid in my neighborhood and we were all hanging out with that kid at the time. So he just accused all of us of being the same type of person and we had nothing to do with that, said Vidal.

NewsChannel 36 tried to ask Jones about this new accusation but his attorney declined to comment.

Vidal says he does not have the money to pay an attorney to get his record expunged. He says he came forward because he doesn t want Jones to get his job back.

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