CHARLOTTE, N.C. NewsChannel 36 recently reported how North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis had not disclosed the business ties of almost 100 contributors.

Now, we ve learned a lot of that money came from special interests.

At first Tillis did not disclose the business ties of almost 100 donors totaling more than $90,000. Now, Tillis has filled in some of the blanks in an amended report, but a lot of that money is coming from one particular special interest.

Campaign finance reform group Democracy North Carolina figured out that Tillis got more than $20,000 in campaign cash from storefront lenders.

These finance companies charge interest rates up to 36 percent for small loans.

Tillis drew fire last year for pushing a bill raising fees and amounts for these consumer loans. The finance companies in turn raised tens of thousands of dollars for Tillis campaign.

It is a pay to play system. It's terrible we have to call them out whether they're Democrats or Republicans. It hurts the public, said Bob Hall with Democracy North Carolina.

NewsChannel 36 emailed and called Tillis' spokesman starting at 10 a.m. Tuesday and have not yet received a response.

Military leaders lined up against the consumer lending bill saying troops could be stuck with high interest loans.

The house amended the bill to say troops can't get loans without permission from their commanding officer. The state house passed the bill over the objections of consumer groups. The bill is now pending in the North Carolina Senate.

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