LINCOLNTON, N.C -- Neighbors along a small Lincolnton street are shaken to their core following the deaths of a beloved couple.

Michael and Bonnie Vincent lived on Broome Street for more than 20 years.

They were the best people that you could ever know, said Shannon Parker a close friend.

Thursday morning a neighbor found the middle aged couple shot to death. Michael was 57-years-old, his wife, Bonnie, was 52.

Neighbors came and wrote on the street in front of the house at a Thursday vigil, someone wrote all the Broome Street kids loved you. There is a heart drawn at the memorial, and someone sketched an angel.

They just don t know what they took from this neighborhood when they took those people, said Parker.

Police are leaning heavily in the direction of this being a murder because no weapons were found inside the house.

The man who discovered the bodies says they were shot to death. A killer on the loose is an unsettling reality in this community.

If it happened to people like that what makes you think it won t happen to us, said Michael Adams a neighbor.

He says he might have heard shots around the time the couple is believed to have died.

Man you hear screaming around here all the time, you wouldn t know if it was kids or not. The people who shoot guns around here are on the back streets. If you heard gunshots you would not think it would be something like that, this is not a rough neighborhood, said Adams.

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