CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Hotel rooms across the Charlotte area are being snapped up for the Democratic National Convention, but there s one that s probably out of reach for the average delegate.

In fact, it s bigger than some Charlotte homes.

Heidi Nowak, Director of Sales and Marketing for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in uptown, gave NewsChannel 36 the grand tour of the Presidential Suite, also known as the Ritz-Carlton Suite.

We are entering the Ritz-Carlton Suite which is on the 16th floor, said Nowak. The Ritz-Carlton suite is a total of 2,900 square feet (with) beautiful panoramic views, which you'll see upon entering.

First, Nowak showed NewsChannel 36 the master bedroom.

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This bedroom itself focuses directly upon the Center City of town, so the intersection of Trade and Tryon, she said.

At the foot of the bed, a 50-inch flat screen television.

This is kind of fun. This is actually the remote for the television that is built into that cabinet right over there and it swivels, so it will raise up and turns itself around, added Nowak.

The suite has a half-bathroom and a full one. Inside the full bathroom, his and her sinks, and above each sink are small flat screen TVs.

And then there s the closet, or in this case, closets.

Guests that utilize the Ritz-Carlton Suite do tend to stay for multiple days on end and obviously would need a lot of clothing with them, so both sides of this area here feature built-in closets, said Nowak.

Back into the bedroom, there s a desk with something for anyone who s ever traveled.

This is something very unique we have in our suite. We actually have what's called the sanctuary and inside here, should someone forget or choose not to travel with power cords, there are charging plugs, said Nowak.

In other words, they have a power cord adapter for pretty much any cell phone.

There's all these different options, so our guests aren't without, she added.

And if you feel like working out, you don t have to go far. There s an elliptical machine just steps away from the bed. So, technically, there s no excuse.

But after working up an appetite, it s time for dinner and the best part, you won t have to lift a finger.

This is a private dining area for eight guests. And this suite, again over the DNC, also comes with a private chef throughout the course of the stay, Nowak said. There is a private butler pantry as well, so our ladies and gentlemen, our employees can come actually into the suite through a back entrance way and serve the guests and nothing gets disturbed in the main portion of the suite itself.

But what s dinner without a little music?

How about a baby Grand Piano and if you can t play, no worries.

Occasionally, they request some of our employees to sometimes play. We have a few very talented ladies and gentlemen on our team and they've been asked to entertain from time to time.

With all the attention to detail, could the President of the United States be staying here during the Democratic National Convention?

We can't obviously for confidentiality reasons disclose exactly who'll be staying in what room, said Nowak.

Nowak has been doing this for almost 20 years. So, how much would the Presidential Suite at the Ritz-Carlton in uptown Charlotte cost you per night?

Well, on a typical night this room sells for at least $3,500 per evening, said Nowak. It s the little touches.

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