CHARLOTTE, N.C. Celebrity chef Curtis Stone greeted fans at Belk at SouthPark Mall Thursday with advice for Thanksgiving dinner, and he showed off his skills with a few cooking demonstrations.

You have a lot of people coming for dinner that you re not used to having, Stone said of Thanksgiving.

He has the following advice for hosts:
1. Set the table ahead of time
2. Get the playlist ready on your iPod
3. Get the drinks done

Then all you have to worry about is the actual cooking, Stone said. Because what happens to people on Thanksgiving is they get totally distracted by all these other things.

Stone appears regularly on NBC's Today show in New York City. He also appeared on several episodes of NBC s The Biggest Loser. Stone also appeared on NBC s The Celebrity Apprentice 3 in 2010.

Stone recently tweeted about a meeting he had at NBC.

They are my home away from home. I absolutely love NBC and we are talking about a few things, he said.

Stone said he wasn t ready to reveal anything yet in terms of any new projects. But he was anxious to talk about his new product line Curtis Stone Pop-out.

I m not a great baker. Whenever I turn a cake out I want a guarantee it s going to come out, Stone said.

So he created a line of baking pans that have a little ring of silicone. When you turn the pan upside down, you can push out the bottom so the cake pops out of the pan easily.

A good baker is very methodical. They follow all the recipe perfectly, Stone said. And a good cook sort of bends the rules a little bit. And I tend to do that, which occasionally the cake gets stuck in the pan.

Stone answers your questions

Stone also answered some questions from our NBC Charlotte Facebook page fans.

Misti Hurdler asked at on Facebook: How do I make a pumpkin pie without sugar?

You can of course eliminate the sugar and find a replacement for it, whether it be honey or agave. But if you want to justcut down on the sugar content, then of course it s going to be less sweet. So you have to be OK with that. Pumpkin pie without sugar? I think you can cut it back but I don t think you can do it sugar free.

Meantime, Elizabeth Heston asked, How do I make good stuffing--I hate buying the packaged kind.

For me, stuffing is much better outside, he said. Get a good quality sausage, fresh bread crumbs, mix all that stuff together, fresh herbs and it s just fantastic.

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