CHARLOTTE, NC -- If you are headed out to be part of the Black Friday shopping craze, you should probably take a moment to read what you shouldn t buy and why.

Our friends at Dealnews have put out their list of the things not to buy on Black Friday .

First up, they say not to buy a name brand HDTV because the best deals on name brand s along with the cheapest prices of the year come in January and February, right around the Super Bowl; that s when manufacturers clear out their old inventory to make room for the new model year.

If you do buy a new TV on Friday, the cheapest price will likely be found on a no-name brand .

Another thing not to buy is any type of winter apparel. The experts say you should hold off on the new sweaters and coats until January because there again, the stores are making room for spring and summer clothing, and they deep discount what s left over from November and December.

But, if you do decide to wait, then you risk not getting the styles and colors you want.

One of the other don t buy yet items right now is a camera. The experts say the latest model for digital cameras will be out in a few months, so that model you re eyeballing right now as a holiday gift might be on sale for a deep discount when the newer model SLR cameras comes out in the spring.

For a complete list, you can read the article by clicking here.

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