CHARLOTTE, NC -- Are you going to be one of the millions of people staying up late or getting up early for Black Friday shopping deals? Here are some Black Friday myths you might want to hear debunked before you jump out of bed early.


Myth #1: You need to camp out all night so that you can find a great deal. Well, if you are looking for the advertised door buster item , then you may want to camp out, but these days, more and more Black Friday deals are online as well as in the store. Last year, DealNews found 70 percent of the in-store Black Friday deals were also available online for the same price or less.

Myth #2:If you get buyer s remorse because you were too ambitious on Black Friday, you can return it all. Not so fast. Stores really tighten up their return policies and some stores will only give you store credit. Remember to ask for a gift receipt for the person who will get that ugly sweater, if they don t have one, they ll be stuck with it or they ll just be able to get store credit.

Myth #3:All stores have plenty of Black Friday deals. Not the case! In case you didn t know, the door busters are priced exceptionally low and that does two things, it creates a lot of PR buzz , and it brings in the shoppers into the store. But remember, there are only so many of those good deals, for example, last year, Best Buy offered up a sharp 42 HDTV for $199, but the retailer was only guaranteed 10 TV s per store.
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