CHARLOTTE, NC The BBB of Charlotte is recommending that you really check that credit card statement carefully after all of that Cyber Monday shopping.

This is a short list of checks you should consider after giving the credit card and computer a workout.

Your work is not done, said BBB President Tom Bartholomy. You have to track your online purchases carefully to insure that you receive exactly what you ordered.

The Better Business Bureau has a list of six things that you should do AFTER shopping on Cyber Monday to insure that your holidays are happy.

-Check your credit card statements on a regular basis for unauthorized charges or charges that are higher than expected.

-Run your anti-virus software to make sure you didn t catch a virus while shopping online.Watch out for emails about problems with your order or package delivery delay .

-This is the high season for phishing email scams because people are more likely to be fooled if they have been shopping online and are expecting deliveries. Do not click on any links.

-Alert your neighbors to pick up any packages that arrive when you aren t home to prevent a Grinch from stealing your Christmas.

-Return any purchases that aren t quite right as soon as possible. Refund and exchange policies vary from merchant to merchant, and the return clock usually starts ticking the day the gift was ordered, not when it was given.

-Notify your credit card company if any of your purchases do not arrive by the date promised. Most credit cards have buyer protection features that will refund your money for merchandise ordered, but not received.

Online shopping is easy and convenient, said Bartholomy, but it requires you to be vigilant.
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