CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- One woman remains in the hospitalSaturday night after being shotin an apparent road rage shooting in north Charlotte on Friday night.

Police said five women in a Cadillac Escalade got into an argument with people in another vehicle around 11:30 p.m. on Gemway Drive, off Sunset Road -- but one of the women who was in the SUV disputes that account.

Geralean Thomas, 40, said she and her co-workers were heading to a friend's house after a Christmas dinner at the senior citizen's center where they work.

Thomas doesn't recall any words being exchanged before the shots were fired.

One of the shots hit Sandra Smith, 44, who was driving the Escalade. She lost control of the SUV and it crashed, injuring the other four women in the car. Smith is still hospitalized as of Saturday night, but the others were treated and released.

Besides Smith and Thomas, the injured women were Joyce Kirkpatrick, 53, of Charlotte; Leona Sennet, 59, of Charlotte; and Angie Buford, 49, of Charlotte.

Police are still looking for the other vehicle.

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